Bell peppers

Picking chute and fall arresting bag

If regulations, costs, or a damaged pipe rail make it impossible to raise the harvest container to the height required, the picking chute is the ideal solution for getting the bell peppers into the containers without damaging them. The length and angle of inclination are easily and continuously adjustable, and the fall arresting bag set enables all heights to be managed.

Movable floor

Because the container floor gradually moves down as the container is being filled, the top level stays in line with the edge of the container at all times, i.e. the bell peppers are always laid in the container, at the top. Bell peppers are no longer damaged by being tossed or by falling and your harvest performance will improve.

Unloading containers

The containers are emptied with the utmost care. Their contents are not dumped in one go, but a system of sensors and vibration is used to ensure that controlled amounts of bell peppers are removed until the container is empty. This prevents damage.

Filling big boxes

Depending on their further processing, bell peppers can be packed into big boxes. A conveyor system guides the bell peppers that have been unloaded from the containers to a filling unit. This filling unit is lowered into the big box to reduce the distance that the bell peppers have to fall to only a couple of centimetres. This makes damage a thing of the past.

Unloading the big boxes

The big boxes with the bell peppers are supplied to a sorter for further processing. Just like the containers, the big boxes are unloaded in a careful, controlled manner.

Supply to sorters

Once unloaded, a conveyor system transports the bell peppers to the infeed line of the sorter. This transportation system consists of standard components that are combined together to form a bespoke system. This enables optimum use to be made of the available space!


Ergonomic and with automatic discharge to a buffer or a palletising system, enabling high productivity.


The different grades are placed in a buffer. Once a buffer contains a sufficient amount to fill a complete pallet, the contents of the buffer are sent to the palletiser. This enables fully automatic palletising of several different grades using only one palletiser.

Conventional palletising

Pallets are filled one layer at a time. Automatic supply of empty pallets and removal of full pallets is possible, as are strapping, wrapping and/or labelling. The advantage of a conventional palletiser is its high speed, particularly when combined with pre-stacked containers.

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