Time efficiency when packing

If the stems of all cucumbers are always turned to the same side, the cucumbers will always fall into the bin in the same way. This reduces the physical burden when packing the cucumbers and improves productivity: this process is easier and faster!

No damage

The crate tipper has been designed so that the cucumbers are essentially held during the tipping motion. This makes this the most produce-friendly method in the market for unloading cucumbers from the harvest container. This module's design has recently been updated, greatly improving its serviceability and increasing its capacity so that it can now easily keep up with the most high-speed sorters.


By carefully attuning the speeds of a series of short conveyors, the cucumbers are spread neatly to form one even layer.

Inspection conveyor

Visual inspection of cucumbers is made easy on a spindle conveyor.

Transfer to sorter

The transfer to the elevator conveyor that takes the cucumbers to the sorter has been constructed such that the cucumbers are placed in the cups carefully, instead of them falling, rolling and bouncing. This results in fewer corrective actions by the sorter and a higher degree of filling.


We have paid considerable attention to safety and ergonomics at the interfaces between people and machines.

High capacity

Pallets are filled one layer at a time. Automatic supply of empty pallets and removal of full pallets is possible, as are strapping, wrapping and/or labelling. The advantage of a conventional palletiser is its high speed, particularly when combined with pre-stacked containers.

Conventional palletising

Pallets worden laag voor laag opgebouwd. Automatische aanvoer van lege pallets en afvoer van volle pallets is mogelijk, alsmede omsnoeren, omwikkelen en/of etiketteren. Voordeel van een conventionele palletiser is de hoge snelheid, zeker in combinatie met voorgestapelde fusten.

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