Buffer systems

Modular buffer systems make efficient use of the available space, work registration records are stored, and data traceability is maintained. The automated infeed and discharge of containers in the buffer system works according to the FIFO principle.

Weighing station

Ergonomic workstations that enable high productivity.


If the capacity required is too much, a pre-stacker can be used.

Loose tomatoes

A robot arm removes the crates of loose tomatoes from the harvest trolleys. Empty crates are put in their place. This is of benefit to companies where there is little space in their processing rooms.


The crate tipper has been designed so that the tomatoes are essentially held during the tipping motion. This makes this the most produce-friendly method in the market for unloading tomatoes from the harvest container. This module's design has recently been updated, greatly improving its serviceability and increasing its capacity so that it can now easily keep up with high-speed sorters.

Small packing line

Add value by producing your small packages yourself. Equipped with automatic product supply and the automatic removal of empty containers and product in small packages. Ergonomic and cleverly devised workstations, possibilities for work registration and data traceability.

Filling small packages

Different portioning machines, e.g. multi-head weighers, are used to enable the automatic filling of small trays and buckets.

Closing small packages

Small packages are closed by a flow-pack or top-seal machine. KOAT fully integrates these machines with the processing line.

Conventional palletising

Pallets are filled one layer at a time. Automatic supply of empty pallets and removal of full pallets is possible, as are strapping, wrapping and/or labelling. The advantage of a conventional palletiser is its high speed, particularly when combined with pre-stacked containers.

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